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Confessions of a 5SOS Fangirl
"Sometimes me think, what is friend? And then me say a friend is someone to share last cookie with."
-Cookie Monster

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How do the boys even get their dick in those skinny jeans? They would need a damn Space Bag because they have too much stuff and not enough space







I want absolutely nothing to do with this 5SOS drama shit that is going on around now. Keep your opinions to yourself please. This is getting really out of hand that you are assuming some pretty harsh accusations against these boys based on futile evidence. Can’t we just be in this for the music and the fact that this band goes out of their way to do so much for the fans?

Whenever I read a fanfiction with this (y/n), I read it as why-en or your name. I just can’t substitute my name because its just weird. I have now resorted to making y/n a staple character in all the stories I read. And to make it worse, I’ve started becoming jealous of this fictional person named y/n because of this…

I love Michael Clifford to pieces and his hair is always so eccentric and unique and reflective of his personality, but it’s been thinning considerably and I’m genuinely worried for him… Look in the top photo, his hair is layered and you definitely can’t see his scalp like you can in the second photo.


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Hey, can everyone do me a favor by SHUTTING THE FUCK UP AND ENJOYING THE FUCKING MUSIC!?! 5sos are a band, they’re here to make music. They’re not here to be eye candy for you, they’re not here for you to cause unnecessary bullshit, and they are sure the hell not here to have every little detail about their life known only for you to critique, mock, judge, and criticize it.


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» whitsides asked: one direction or 5sos?

5sos + glasses


ashton irwin the king of selfies