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I think they look quite handsome tbh

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When I overhear people talking about 1D


When food falls into your bra and you just kind of like


Going back to school


When there’s an argument on the internet that doesn’t involve my fandom


When you’re pads in the wrong place and you just


When you get the last word in an argument


When I see people making out in public


""You’ll work in pairs""


When your friends tell you who their crush is


""You have homework over the break""


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RT if you a mega hoe but also a virgin

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#this is a problem that i relate to this so much #i have the dirtiest mind but i am awkward and shy and yeah
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I am sweating through my eyes

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🌸🌸 on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/123640911

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favourite cashton photos

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What would you do right now if you were not famous? +

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